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Phone port cleaner & plug

Phone port cleaner & plug

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The benefits of the Dust plug

: Dust plugs shield the phone's charging port from dust, dirt, and debris, preventing potential damage and corrosion.
Durability: By reducing exposure to external elements, dust plugs enhance the durability of the charging port, ensuring consistent performance over time.
Customization: Dust plugs come in various designs, colors, and materials, allowing users to personalize their phones while providing practical protection.
Convenience: Easy to install and remove, dust plugs offer a convenient solution for keeping the charging port clean and functional.


This product is shower mini cleaning brush, specially used for crevice cleaning, efficient deep cleaning,
Can go deep into gaps and holes to remove blockages.
Nylon bristles can effectively clean dirt from holes in the nozzle without damaging the surface
Category: Shower Mini cleaner
Size: 6 * 0.5 cm.
Material: Polypropylene, nylon, plastic
Color: White
Unit: Set of 10
Product name: Applicable For Apple series USB dust plug
Applicable model: For Apple series phone
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum alloy

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